Challenge and encouragement from Family Life Today

One of my favorite radio programs is Family Life Today. They discuss the hard issues of family and life. The past two days, I have been catching up on what I have missed lately. These programs are too good not to share.

The first set of programs are a challenge to raise our children to do hard things and to finish well. The second set, originally for blended families, is a challenge to put off old, sinful practices and put on new, godly ones. The speaker also addresses anger. This message is applicable to everyone, no matter their place in life.

Spiritual Boot Camp – Aug. 16, 2017
Growing Spiritually – Aug. 17, 2017
Risk Taking – Aug. 18, 2017

Put off the old, put on the new – Aug. 21, 2017
Application for blended families – Aug. 22, 2017