Hey! My name is Rachal Pinkerton. I have four children six-years-old and younger. Sometimes my house can be crazy. But I love it most of the time. On those days that I want to pull my hair out and my nerves want to pack their bags and leave, I dive into my chocolate stash.

My goal is to raise children who are godly, strong and courageous. My secondary goal is to educate my children in such a way that they can be diplomats, ultimately for God and, if they choose, for country.

Raising children isn’t easy. I frequently ask the moms in my Bible study group for advice. Community is essential for all aspects of life, especially child-rearing. There have been many times when I felt clueless on how to handle a situation and have needed my support system to help me keep going. 

My hope is that you will find community here and get the support and encouragement you need for your parenting journey.

When I’m not parenting, being a wife or writing, I like to paint, read, make jewelry, bake, knit and spin wool.