Parents of the Bible

Needing some parenting advice?

With small children hanging around my legs, I have asked myself the question, “How do I be a good parent?” Since the Bible is supposed to be the first place we turn to for guidance and wisdom, I decided to start there and see what I could learn from the examples I found there. Oh boy! Can you learn a lot! 

Below are short devotionals (about the right length to read in the bathroom) that look at parents in the Bible and the the things they did right and wrong.

King David sinned and his family turned into chaos. 

Hannah asked God for a child, promising that she would give him back to God.

The parents of Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah trained their children to follow God, even when no one else was.

Samson’s mother was given a promise by the angel of the Lord and never doubted.

The sad state of Isaac and Rebekah’s caused problems between their sons.

Eli did not discipline his sons for the wicked things they did.