Are you struggling to live life and raise your children? Do you feel like it is a battle to keep the house clean, the dishes done and the children from killing each other?

You are not alone.

Feeling overwhelmed raising the beautiful children that God has given you?

If Mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy. And if the house ain’t clean, Mama’s not going to be happy.

Daily life can feel mundane and boring. Take comfort that you aren’t alone.

Take comfort from (and laugh at) the things my children do that send me running for the chocolate.

With small children hanging around my legs, I have asked myself the question, “How do I be a good parent?” Since the Bible is supposed to be the first place we turn to for guidance and wisdom, I decided to start there and see what I could learn from the examples I found there. Oh boy! Can you learn a lot! 

These short devotionals (about the right length to read in the bathroom) look at parents in the Bible and the things they did right and wrong.