A letter to my two-year-old

My dear two-year-old,

I will miss you.

I will miss how easily you fit in my lap. I will miss your sweet snuggles. I will miss your sweet kisses, including the ones when you would only put your lips to our cheek and couldn’t make the sound. I will miss your blissful innocence. I will miss your smallness. I will miss your baby-like curiosity about the world around you. I will miss the crazy, inside-out, mismatched, backwards outfits. I will miss your chubby, baby cheeks.

I will miss the essence of you as you were two.

Yes, we have had our struggles. We have had our moments where I have wanted to kill you because of how disobedient and stubborn you were being. And we had our messes, like poop all over the floor. There were days when I wanted to pull my hair out, but ate chocolate instead.

But we made it through. And for now, you ask if we can be friends.

I’m glad that your changes are happening slowly over time. I’m glad I won’t lose the daily requests to watch Thomas the Tank Engine and Japanese videos on YouTube. I’m glad that you still like to snuggle, although those snuggles are changing. I’m glad you still impulsively throw your arms around my neck. I’m glad you still think I’m the best mom in the world. I’m glad you still like to play with your trains. (I’m guessing you will like doing that for several years to come.)

I am so proud of you and the boy you are becoming. You are such a good big brother. I love how you play with your sister. I appreciate how you try to make her happy and give her toys to play with. You are responsible. You ride the bus well (and gets lots of compliments for it). I appreciate how you help me do laundry. You make the task easier.

While I am sad that we are about to leave the twos behind, I am looking forward to watching you continue to grow in the threes.

I love you. I love you more than you will ever know.