Snow. You either love it or hate it. Yell “It’s snowing” in a crowded room and you can quickly divide the room. I can’t think of anyone I’ve met who was neutral about snow.

Sunday morning, we woke up to two inches from the first snow of the season. The evening before, I posted the news to Facebook. Responses ranged from surprise and disappointment to jealousy and a request for me to send it to Texas. At my house, the responses also varied. The adults groaned and the two-year-old was excited.

When I announced the news that it had snowed, my son was excited and slightly apprehensive. While he has been talking about snow here lately, I’m not sure if he remembers it from last year. But once he saw the snow, all apprehension was gone.

His first sighting was through the dining room window while he was dating breakfast. We normally keep the blinds down because they help keep the hot and cold out in their respective seasons. But when cute little boys are excited to see snow, Mommy can’t deny their request. Upon seeing the snow, he said, “Oh, snow,” as if confirming what he thought it was, and continued to stared out the window while to finishing his breakfast. 

When we finally made it out the door for church, he was still enthralled with what he was seeing and wanted to know why I was cleaning off the car.

The snow has pretty much all melted now. But everyday that it was around, my son would open the door, look outside and say, “It’s snowing!” even when it wasn’t. I think he is going to thoroughly love winter.