Slaying dragons

After writing last week’s post, things felt like life got much worse and all of my motivation seemed to disappear.

Apparently my husband has also been thinking about the lack of motivation also. He had an amazing analogy for it.

A young man hears about a dragon who is terrorizing the kingdom. Full of energy and the desire to achieve a great victory, he rushes to the dragons cave and slays the dragon. He is the hero. He has saved the day.

Then he hears of another dragon. He slays him also.

Soon he hears of two more dragons. He also slays them.

As this repeats itself over and over, the now almost middle-aged man begins to wonder why he is killing dragons. Finally, he quits and gets a job in a metal working shop. When people ask him about his heroics, he brushes it aside as nothing. He’s put in his time. That isn’t exciting anymore.

As I have been thinking, it makes sense why I would encourage my son to get back on his bicycle after falling off, but I can’t tell myself to keep going. He is young. He has lots of energy and excitement to slay the dragons.

I, on the other hand, have slayed a lot of dragons. Why should I keep slaying them? There are way more than I can ever kill.

Does this excuse my lack of motivation? No. But it does help me frame it in a tangible way. I guess the next question is, how do I find the energy and motivation to keep slaying the dragons in my life? That is something I need to keep thinking about and find an answer to.