My dear little sponge

My dear little sponge,

You are soaking up much more information than I give you credit for.

I don’t really understand the workings of the three-year-old brain, but I do know that you are at the age where kids memorize everything. I hadn’t realized how much children your age are capable of doing. You have totally changed my perception of children. You little ones can do so much.

You love of music shouldn’t be a surprise to me, considering the number of musicians in the family. I had hoped that you would love music. But your ability to hear a song once or twice and sing it does surprise me.

I still haven’t decided if that is normal for your age or not. You are the first three-year-old I have had interaction with in a long time. When I was around other three-year-olds, I wasn’t paying attention to where they were in their development.

I love how you sing. I love how you play your tambourine or whistle (aka. hospital water bottle from the birth of your sister). I loved it when you played your pretend violin and your drums (aka. chopsticks banged on my bed). I love how you are soaking up music.

You really surprised me the other day with how much you have learned about writing alphabet  letters. When your daddy asked you to write Happy Mother’s Day for grandma, I didn’t expect that many legible letters. I really didn’t expect you to know how to write that many letters without being shown. I guess those hours playing with your talking drawing toy and playing learning apps on the tablet are actually paying off.

I love how you read, even though you can’t read. Your memory reading is pretty good. I like listening to the stories you make up based on the pictures you see in books you’ve never heard.

You are smart. You are sweet. You are a joy to be around. You are polite. You love and take good care of your sister.

My dear little sponge, I love you. I am so glad that God chose me to be your mommy. I am so proud of you.