Little chocolate lovers

This past week has been the week for chocolate.

Last week, I finished off an entire bag of Dove dark chocolate pieces during the few days I was at work. That doesn’t include the chocolate that I ate (read finished) at home. I have been living on chocolate!

And the fact that I eat a ton of chocolate is becoming evident in my breast-feeding daughter. Whenever she gets a chance to eat chocolate, she takes it. A couple of months ago, my son decided to give his sister an M&M. It was a obvious by her face that she loved it. (Mommy wasn’t so excited that her brother shared this particular piece of goodness with her.) That afternoon, she found another piece. She enjoyed that piece too! A week or two later, against my protests, her daddy shared a very small piece of dark chocolate with her. You guessed it, she loved it.

Every since, she has been attempting to put more chocolate into her little mouth. And Monday night, she just about succeeded. I spontaneously invited myself to a party at my brother’s house. (Okay, I was having car issues and was there to borrow his car. The fact that he was having people over was extra.) On each plate, a small piece of chocolate had been placed. My daughter saw that chocolate, grabbed it, and proceeded to eat it. This happened several times. Each time, I would firmly tell her “no!” But it didn’t deter her. While I couldn’t see her face, I was told that she had a very mischievous look. I think I may be in trouble.

My daughter isn’t the only small chocolate lover in the family. My son is also a chocolate lover. He hears the rattle of chocolate and comes running.

However, his love of chocolate got him in trouble this weekend. Saturday, he was being a rude, disobedient, disrespectful little boy. I sent him to my bed to lay down for a bit while I tended to laundry. When I returned to my room, I found the closed bar of chocolate that had been next to the bed open and laying on his chest.

Mommy was not happy.

My son now has a bar of chocolate that he has to earn and has to eat before he can have any other chocolate. I think I need to be careful where I leave chocolate laying around. If one child doesn’t try to eat it, the other will.