Do hard things – home maintenance edition

A few posts ago, I talked about doing hard things. Finding hard things for my son to do is easy. Finding hard things for myself has been a bit more difficult. I have goals and dreams, and their execution is a bit difficult. But in the day to day things, finding hard things to do is a bit challenging. This past weekend, I found hard things to do – several of them. And I had little to no experience with any of them.

Over the summer, I had slowly been finding leaks in our house. All these leaks came to a head on Friday when my husband stepped onto sopping wet carpet on his way to work. That meant, I had to trace the leak and fix it.

Now, my knowledge of plumbing is extremely limited. And my knowledge of fixing toilets is obsolete. But when the toilet is leaking under the wall, you learn really quickly. Thanks to YouTube and a neighbor who helped me get the water supply pipe off, I was able to fix the toilet with little to no problems. Again thanks to YouTube, and my husband, who had come home from work, I also replaced and re-plumbed the kitchen sink faucet. I went to bed that night proud of myself for doing something hard and succeeding.

The next morning, I found that the caulk in the shower had majorly failed. It was one of those leaks that had taken a couple of months to figure out why the carpet was getting wet and I stilled got the source of the water wrong. So I pulled out 80% of the caulk in the shower and re-caulked it. (FYI – pulling out old caulk takes a lot longer than you think it will.)

The last project of my do hard things weekend was to install a new light switch in our bathroom. I found this one to be the hardest. I had some minor wiring experience from when I was a teenager. (I am grateful for a jack-of-all trades father who tried to teach me basic building.) But it was cutting a hole in the wall for the new switch that got me. I was very thankful that my husband took over the project at that point. He cut a perfect hole.

As my husband and I aren’t handymen, this weekend was a major accomplishment. I felt like I looked four hard projects squarely in the eyes and defeated them.