Continuing to walk after a mountain top experience

This past week has been a mountain top sort of week. It was a week filled with family, friends and good sermons. Another name for it would be church camp.
While reuniting with old friends, we also made some new ones. The sermons each evening were challenging. Well, I should say that what I heard of the sermons was challenging. (I had several diaper changes and feeding times during the evening sermons. I also put the baby to sleep a few times while rolling the stroller back and forth off to one side of the tabernacle.) I even gained some new insight into a few Bible stories I have been taking a fresh look at.
The week ended by my husband filling in for our pastor and preaching on giving your all to Christ. Yesterday, I felt like my relationship with God was soaring to new heights.
Then today, normal life hit. It feels like all the progress I made this past week is slipping away. (I’m very thankful we had ladies Bible study today.)
As I write this, I am reminded of something my husband said yesterday. I think it may have been a quote from C.S. Lewis and Mere Christianity. As we start on our journey of total surrender to God, we take a step, maybe two, then fall down. We pick ourselves back up and we repeat the same process. After a while, we start getting along better, less falling and more walking. Finally we get to the point where we have little to no falling and lots of walking.
I think this concept applies to mountain top experiences. When we come down into the valley, we want to give up and quit. When that happens, we need to come to God, give Him ourselves again and keep going.
Most of our lives are spent in the valleys. We need to learn to walk smoothly there. Thankful we aren’t alone. God is there beside us filling us with Himself.
Please forgive me if this is incoherent. I’m trying to process and apply what I’ve been learning this past week to the valley life.