A day at the beach

Children are amazing and silly.

A few weeks ago, we took our children to the beach. It was my daughter’s first visit. Her first word while in the ocean was “Woah!” Later she changed to a fuss.

My son had been to the beach before, but was only a few months older than his sister when he went.

When I told him we were going, he told me, “I don’t like the beach.”

“Have you ever been there?” I asked.


I was able to then show him the pictures of his first visit. He seemed excited after that and kept asking about the beach.

At one point during the visit, he was privileged to swim in the ocean with his dad. Hopefully it will be an experience he will remember for a few years.

There is something calming and mesmerizing about the ocean. I like to think that I would love living on the beach. But when I think about the storms and rain that must come with it, I’m not so sure.

My children enjoyed the beach. They played in the sand, picked up real (and, in the case of my daughter, imaginary) sea shells and wandered around the beach.

But how would they take the storms?

Isn’t that how we like life to be? We like the good parts and the fun, but don’t want the storms. Yet it is in the storms that God grows us, teaches us about Himself and ourselves, and let’s us know His power and comfort.