What is important?

What is important?

This question seems to normally be proceeded by another question – what should I do?

The question of what is important is hard to answer. The answer is different for each person, for each phase of life, for each moment.

As a parent, what was important five minutes can suddenly pale in light of something your child has have done or you have discovered. We had first hand experience with this severalweeks ago. I had been working on a computer project when I randomly looked at my son’s finger. Next to the nail on his middle finger was a big pocket of puss. My project suddenly was no longer important. Getting the infection taken care of was top priority.

Oh how I wish the important was always that obvious and easy to figure out. You run into questions like, “Do I do dishes or do I play with my children?” I’m not sure about other moms, but this mom used to think that you were a terrible mom if you answered dishes. But I have found out differently. Depending on the time of day and how many clean dishes there are, doing the dishes can be more important. But if know my son is desperately needing my attention and snuggles, Amazon Prime Video and snuggles may be the most importation thing to do.

Then there are the questions like, “Do I work and help make ends meet or do I stay home with my children?” “Do I help with this project or help with that ministry?” “Do I start my own business or work for someone else?” I’ve been asking myself these types of questions lately. I’ve been praying about them a lot too. I’m not sure I always like the answers. Some of the answers are scary too. They may involve a lot of work or a huge life change.

Then there are the times we forget the important and realize we missed it until the deadline is past. Confession time – writing this post has been on my to-do-list for the past week. But with sickness, a whole lot of life and approaching life changes, this post went unwritten until way past the normal post time. Embarrassing – yes. Is it done – you judge for yourself.

So what is important? If I had to make an order of importance, I’d say it would be as follows:

  1. God
  2. Family
  3. Work

Keep looking to God to solve the importance questions in your life.