Why I have been silent

If you check my blog regularly, you will have noticed that I have been completely silent for past month.

I had a guess that depression was starting to take away my ability to write. And I was correct. When October hit, I couldn’t write at all. I had nothing but silence to offer.

Depression is a beast. It takes away things that we love and consider valuable. It can take away our very identity and leave us with an empty shell of who we once were.

This is not the first time depression has taken away my ability to write. I had it happen to me about seven years and a half ago. I had appendix surgery just before Christmas. Then the winter blues hit. They were harder than normal.

At the time, I was working at a newspaper and writing historical articles on the side. I could barely do my assigned work. Writing anything extra was completely out of the question. Thankfully it was short lived. But the historical articles faded away.

When I realized what was happening this time, I made the decision to take a break for a month and focus on relieving some of the stressers that wewe contributing to the depression. With God’s help, some of the stressers have been dealt with. I feel mentally and emotionally better than I did a month ago. I also have my words back.

While I know that depression could tackle me again at any moment, I am thankful for the time I have where it is not interrupting my life.

Hopefully, I can continue to write for many more months.

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